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They Love His Kids

30 Jul

I know pastors who spend six hours a day reading and studying their Bibles.… But when it comes to people, they’re indifferent. They could take them or leave them. These men think they know God’s heart because they have read and studied his book and spent hours in prayer, but what they don’t know is that they’re being grossly deceived. They don’t know Him from Adam! I also know people who read their Bibles about five minutes a week and pray even less. They secretly kick themselves for it, and they’re afraid to approach God because their religion has made them so aware of their sin. However, they happen to love people with all their hearts. These folks have an intimacy with God that’s irreplaceable. They know Him fully because they love and know his children.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 202-3.

Jesus’ Fuel

29 Jun

We believe that the closer we get to godliness, the fewer needs we will have. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. There’s nothing more heartwarming to a father than to express his love when asked for something He longs to provide for his children… He not only loves it when you ask, but He waits with expectation for you to ask because your asking fulfills his desire to provide for the one He loves. Any time you admit your helplessness, God is inspired the same way I am with my children. Your vulnerability shakes Him at the deepest, most inner part of his heart. Jesus told the people that He came not for those who didn’t need Him, but for those who did. The thing that compels Him to come was needs. Helplessness was the fuel that drove Jesus to do what He did.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 77.

No Christ Impersonators Please

15 Jun

Becoming Christlike is not a process in which we train ourselves to “impersonate” Jesus. Becoming Christlike is the process by which we allow the same essence that motivated and drove Jesus to also drive us in life. It’s the essence of Christ – His character, not His personality or mannerisms.

Elvis impersonators do what they do at a steep price. Many literally lose themselves in the process of trying to become Elvis-like. The sad thing is that none of them has an ounce of Elvis in them. If they did, they certainly wouldn’t be impersonating him in Las Vegas. They would be leading a whole new revolution and inspiring a generation to think for themselves. To be Elvis-like is not to look, dress, act, and sound like Elvis Presley. The inner workings of the heart made him who he was.

People like John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix were “Elvis-like,” in my opinion. Though they never looked or sounded like Elvis, they had the heart and drive of a revolutionary. This is essentially what being Christlike is about: being driven by the same power that drove Christ, namely love.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 104.

The Child Test

24 May

God has made the truth so basic and simple that even little children can know Him personally. God rejoices in the bare facts about us and the simplicity of who Christ is. Love rejoices in truth, unvarnished and ever so uncomplicated.…

The truth is not some deep well of knowledge that only the educated professors can unlock. It doesn’t take four years of Bible college and a knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. The truth is already in you. It’s in little children. When you hear it, it should be something that you already knew in your heart to be true. With Jesus Christ, what you see is what you get. Either you accept it or you reject it. Jesus is the mystery revealed. He is not a mystery that is still being revealed…

All truth must pass the “child test.” If a child intuitively understands it, it’s probably truth. But if it’s too complicated or doesn’t match what a child inherently knows, it’s probably a lie. If you want to know God’s heart, you must learn to think simply and with your heart as a little child does.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 149-50.

You, Jesus, and Billy Graham

14 May

Believe it or not, God doesn’t even refer to you as a “sinner saved by grace,” like so many Christians proudly proclaim. This, once again, is a mentality born out of the belief that God keeps records of past wrongs. He sees you as perfect forever! If you, Jesus, and Billy Graham were to stand before God to see who was the cleanest and most perfect, God would declare to you that you’re all the same.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 126.

God’s Delight

1 May

Threats of hell were never meant to be the argument that drew people to God. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit draws us to God. Threats of hell bring fear and condemnation. Only a loveless person can think of such a thing.… God didn’t create men to save their souls from hell. He created men and women to have relationships with one another and with Him.… God never delights in people getting what they deserve. He is about saving us from what we deserve.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 133.

God is Love

26 Apr

God never envies anyone or anything. He never desires to take for Himself what others have. Instead, He longs to give away all He has, and He’s never tempted to take things back because He didn’t get enough attention…

God is never rude. He doesn’t leave anything finished or unspoken. He is incapable of giving anyone “the silent treatment” or playing hide-and-seek when they’re earnestly seeking Him. He makes everything about Himself known and has no desire to keep anything hidden from you. God cannot be self-seeking. He is gratified and fulfilled when you are praised and honored. His eyes are always seeking the best for you, and He’s never worried about what He gets in return. He isn’t provoked easily or ever angered beyond His desire for complete love. He’s not “high maintenance,” and He never wants you to walk in fear of offending or hurting Him. He keeps no record of the wrong things you’ve done because He refuses to call you by the name of your past…

God always trusts you, with His heart doors open at all times, without exception. He always hopes in you because He knows the endless truth of your never-ending story. God always perseveres, proving He is who He claims to be. He stands through the storm and walks through the fire simply to express His love for you. He will never fail you, never fall short, never fall out of love, because He’s made of love, the very source of it all.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 208-10.