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Power to Stop Sinning

27 Jul

It is the gift of no condemnation that gives people the power to sin no more. Unfortunately, many have flipped the order. They say, ‘Go and sin no more, then we will not condemn you.’ There is no power in that. Experiencing the grace of our Lord Jesus gives people the power to stop sinning.

Joseph Prince

“Prince of Grace,” Charisma Magazine, 2010

Loving, Not Living, the Law

20 Apr

I have been accused of being an antinomian (someone who is against the law of Moses). The truth is I have the highest regard for the law. And it precisely because I have the highest regard for the law that I know that no man can keep the law… It is us grace preachers who have the highest regard for the law!… I am for the law, for the purpose for which God gave the law… God did not give the law for us to keep. He gave the law to bring man to the end of himself, so that he would see his need for a Saviour.

Joseph Prince

Destined to Reign, 22 Media, 2007, 122-3

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