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Frowning Father?

3 Jun




27 May


Have All Been Raised with Christ?

24 May

Inclusionist theology hangs entirely on the belief that humanity died 2000 years ago. If all literally died, then all are now included in the life of Christ…

Telling unbelievers that they have already been raised with Christ is misleading at best and flat out wrong at worst. It would be like John telling the Gnostics they have fellowship with the Father and the Son when they don’t. John never said, “You have fellowship but you don’t know it.” He said, “You are walking in darkness and living a lie.” Part of the problem with modern religion is that it tells Christians they lack things they actually possess. Now it seems we’re telling the ungodly they possess things they actually lack. Those who are dead in sins do not possess eternal life. Those who reject Jesus are not in union with Him. This is nuts.

Jesus told the Jews, “You refuse to come to me to have life” (Joh 5:40). The inclusionist begs to differ. “Correction Jesus, they do have life even though they refuse to come to you. They just don’t know it.” Jesus said to the unbelievers in Sardis, “You are dead” (Rev 3:1). But the inclusionist says, “No, no, no, you’re not dead, you’re just ignorant.” Jesus said, “Wake up! Remember what you heard; obey it and repent.” He was saying that the gospel is the power of God for salvation to all who believe. The inclusionist up-ends this message by telling the unbeliever, “You’re already saved.”

Personally, I prefer the message that Jesus preached. If He said, “Come to me to have life” and “Whoever believes me in me has crossed over from death to life,” then I’m going to encourage the lost to come to Jesus and put their faith in Him. He is the Life! The grace of God that raises the dead can only be accessed through faith.

Paul_EllisPaul Ellis

Was Humanity Raised With Christ (2012)


License to Sin?

6 May


Whole Bible Theology

3 May

Perhaps you have heard that “God won’t forgive you if you are harboring unforgiveness in your heart.” Under the law that Jesus preached, that was true. But the law-keeping covenant was fulfilled at the cross. Those who maintain we must forgive to be forgiven are confused about the finished work of Calvary. They will draw your attention to those scriptures that say forgiveness is conditional while ignoring those that say it isn’t.

We need to have a whole Bible theology but that does not mean “read everything indiscriminately and hope for the best.” That would be like going to the drug cabinet and swallowing every pill in sight. A whole Bible theology means you read the written word through the lens of the Living Word. It means you filter everything you read through Christ and his finished work on the cross.

Paul_EllisPaul Ellis

The Gospel in Ten Words, KingsPress, 2012, 29.


You Died

29 Apr


Grace and Faith Cooperate

5 Apr

A common theme that you detect in the writings of those who preach historical inclusion is that faith comes a distant second to grace: It’s all about Jesus and his work; it’s not about you and your faith. There is an element of truth here: Faith doesn’t save us, Jesus saves us. Yet Jesus often said, “Be it according to your faith.” The value of the gospel can only be realized through faith. Grace unmixed with faith is worthless.

It is true that faith does not change God. Faith is a positive response to something God has done. But faith changes just about everything else. “The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well: The Lord will raise him up” (Jas 5:15)…

The grace of God is like a 200GW power station; your faith is like a tiny light switch. Flip the switch and the light goes on. Who made the light? Not you – the power comes from an outside source. If there was no power station you could flip that switch all night long and it would make no difference. This is why faith alone cannot save you. Faith apart from grace leaves you lost and groping in the dark. But the gospel reveals that there is ample power for everyone who chooses to flip the switch. God not only generates the power, He is the one who gave you the switch. He is the one encouraging you to flip it.

Paul_EllisPaul Ellis

The Doctrine of Inclusion: Why it Appeals, How it Misleads, (2012)