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Accidentally Religious

14 Jun

I have never heard anyone answer, “I want to be religious when I grow up,” though most of us end up that way in one form or the other… This burden eventually became so heavy that I didn’t think I could survive. The harder I tried, the harder it became; and the more that I did to be right, the more I actually did wrong. Overwhelmed by the load of performance-based Christianity, I came to a crossroads: either God had to show me a way to live free, or I had to give up altogether. What I didn’t realize was that the answer was not one way or the other but a combination of both.

Paul White

Revelation to Transformation, 2011, WestBow Press, 9

Conviction Confusion

28 May

I have heard the argument that new Christians often can’t tell the difference between conviction and condemnation and that when they are being dealt with by the Spirit, they can mistake it as the devil. If that be the case, the Holy Spirit and the devil are functioning on the same level, using guilt as a means of eliciting a response. This is confusion, of which Paul said that God never authors in our lives (1 Corinthians 14:33).

Paul White

Revelation to Transformation, 2011, WestBow Press, 49

Curseless Law

3 May

I will yield toward knowing anything about the law only as it relates to the blessings that accompany keeping the law… Paul did quote the fifth command (in Eph 5:2, but) it should be noted that Paul did not quote the attached curse… You can’t be a proper preacher of the Law of Moses if you are only going to tell people the blessings and ignore the curses, now can you?

Paul White

Revelation to Transformation, 2011, WestBow Press, 140

All Things Are Lawful

16 Apr

Believers ask me about ‘things’ all of the time. ‘Can I do this?’ and ‘Can I do that?’ They wonder if a certain activity is okay for them. My answer is, ‘All things are lawful for you, because Jesus fulfilled the demands of the law at Calvary. But be sure that what you do doesn’t control you instead of you controlling it.’… I want to answer to Jesus, not to an addiction…. I don’t need a list of laws to tell me that; I have the Holy Spirit instead.

Paul White

Revelation to Transformation, 2011, WestBow Press, 62

God’s Exchange Program

2 Apr

“So Pastor, do you think that people can just accept Jesus and then never change, and they are all right?” I think the question is uninformed. You can no more accept Jesus and never change than you can jump in the water and not get wet! Arguing over whether people have accepted Christ based on the things in their lives is to miss the point of God’s exchange program. He is slowly but surely living His life through us. Granted, not all of the fruits of righteousness will bud out at the same time, but they will most assuredly come. 

Paul White

Revelation to Transformation, 2011, WestBow Press, 18

Stay in His Rest

27 Mar

The message of grace is such a pride-busting message! The spotlight is taken off of us and our efforts and is shone directly onto Jesus. We get no glory, while He gets all the glory. We get no credit, while He takes all the credit. This is a revolution, for where man has been prodded and held up and supported in the past, the message of grace holds up nothing but Jesus and His finished work. We are not rebelling against a system, but we are revolting against a dead idea, and serving a living Savior!…

The single most important thing that you will do from now until the day you die is to labor to stay in His rest, even though much of the church will work hard to push you back into works.

Paul White
Revelation to Transformation, WestBow Press, 2011, 74,124

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