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14 Oct

The Destination of Grace

13 Mar

The devil is not attacking us for the grace message – he’s attacking us for where the grace message will take us. He understands that the revelation of grace is the access into the 10/10 glory. Out of the control spirit. Out of guilt. Out of condemnation, fear, rejection and into a constant sense of God is for us, no matter what.

Rob Rufus

Restoring The Key To Knowledge Part III, CCI, 2008

The Guarantee of Grace

19 Dec

I’ve read the whole of Isaiah 53 many times but what is the obvious clear message of what happened on the Cross? Simply this – that Jesus was crushed so that God would never crush you. Jesus was pierced so that God will never ever pierce you with sorrows or with sickness or with poverty. Jesus was punished so it is a guarantee that God will never ever punish you! Jesus was made a guilt offering by God so you will never feel guilty.

Rob Rufus

Sermon: Established in the Gift of Righteousness – Part 1, City Church International, Hong Kong, 4 January 2009

Who Are You?

11 Jul

When the Corinthian church went into all kinds of sins and perversion, Paul didn’t put them back under Law! He said, ‘Don’t you know you are light and citizens of heaven, and that you are the righteousness of God?’ He never condemned them… He told them who they were! You need to tell yourself who you are.

Rob Rufus

Glory and Grace Conference (HK), 2010

God’s One-Step Program

19 May

The scandal of the cross is its simplicity. The cross is so simple it confuses clever people. Yet the cross is the wisdom of God… The cross isn’t baby-steps on the path to maturity. There’s only one step in God’s program and we didn’t take it – He did!

Rob Rufus

Glory & Grace Conference (Hong Kong) 2010

Jesus Believes in You!

13 Apr

Your life is not essentially changed by who you believe in. Your life is changed by Who believes in you. When someone recognizes you, it empowers you. It’s not the lesser recognizing the greater. But when the Greater recognizes the lesser, supernatural power is released.

Rob Rufus

Glory and Grace Conference (HK), 2010

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