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Mr Grace and Mr Law

18 Sep

Mr. Law was a demanding husband who was never satisfied, regardless of how many right things you did. He didn’t just claim to be perfect; he actually was perfect and he demanded the same from you… Mr. Grace is very different. Whatever He wants done, He just does Himself. Any burden He asks you to carry is light… Divorce from Him is impossible. I am one with Him ‘until death do us part’ and neither one of us is ever going to die!

Steve McVey

Grace Walk, Harvest House 1995, 116

The Root of the Problem

19 Jun

Before I understood that Christ is my life, my whole lifestyle was characterized by an obsession with right and wrong. Yet, if one is not abiding in Christ, every action is wrong. To abide in Him is to walk in faith; to fail to abide in Christ is to walk after the flesh. Anytime we do things on our own, it is sin, regardless of how our actions may appear… sin is not the root of the problem, but the symptom. The real issue is that we are living out of our own sufficiency, independently of Christ… Even good behavior that isn’t an expression of Christ within us is a sin. (Rms 8:8)

Steve McVey

Grace Walk, Harvest House 1995, 108

Your Right to Boldness

1 May

The default setting of unbelievers is one of fear – fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the world around them, and certainly fear of death… Christians have every reason to be completely fearless in everything we do. Each of us has the right to be bold as a lion in every action of our lives.

Steve McVey

Walking in the Will of God, Harvest House 2009, 130

The Gift of Service

13 Jul

Spiritual service is not our gift to God, but rather His gift to us… A person walking in grace doesn’t get up each day with resolve to serve the Lord. He simply chooses to abide in Christ, moves forward through his day, and when he sees an opportunity to serve God, he rejoices that the omnipotent God of the universe allows him to participate in what God is doing in the world.

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 198

How Would You Know?

25 Jun

What assurance does the new believer have that he has really been saved?… If I were to awaken tomorrow morning with amnesia, I am convinced that I would know I am a Christian because of the conscious presence of Christ within me… It’s no wonder that some Christians aren’t very excited about their faith. It’s tough to stay enthused about something that happened years ago.

Steve McVey

Grace Walk, Harvest House 1995, 155

The Source of Joy

22 May

When law rules a Christian, his focus is on improving his behavior. Yet even if he does manage to improve his behavior, what has he accomplished spiritually? Even an unsaved person can often improve his performance… Joy doesn’t come by doing the right thing. In a lifestyle where grace rules, Jesus is the source of joy.

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 73

Gentle Guidance

7 May

If believers gave as much credit to the ability of the Holy Spirit to guide us into God’s will as many give to Satan’s ability to lead us out of God’s will, freedom would reign in the church… Stop it. Just relax and trust Jesus!… God gently guides us into His plans for our lives and all of hell can’t stop that!… We don’t need to agonize over the will of God. If knowing and doing the will of God depends on our own strength and ability, then we have no hope. But it isn’t up to us!

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 131-2

Saint, Not Sinner

17 Apr

“A sinner saved by grace” – what a pitiful description of a person who possesses the very life of Jesus Christ! God prefers to call you a saint… 63 times in the New Testament. Why would a Christian want to identify himself by the word sinner when Jesus came to save him from his sin?

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 174

The Miserable Middle

2 Mar

If God only used sinless people, every one of us would have to sit on the sidelines… The reality, however, is we don’t become strong enough for God to use. Instead, we must become weak enough. We may think we need to dedicate our abilities to God, asking Him to help us to use them for His glory. While this sounds admirable, it is actually the surest way to experience continual defeat…

God had plans for Moses in the wilderness. The first 40 years of his life had been majestic. The last 40 years would be miraculous as he led the people out of Egypt. However, these middle 40 years were going to be miserable. God was bringing Moses to the end of himself…

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 31,37

Just Like Jesus!

27 Feb

Some may argue that it isn’t we who are righteous, but rather it is only Jesus within us who is righteous. That is a mistake. We have been made righteous by the presence of His life within us. We have a brand new nature – a righteous one!… He created a brand new person – one like Jesus!

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 52

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