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Saint, Not Sinner

17 Apr

“A sinner saved by grace” – what a pitiful description of a person who possesses the very life of Jesus Christ! God prefers to call you a saint… 63 times in the New Testament. Why would a Christian want to identify himself by the word sinner when Jesus came to save him from his sin?

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 174

The Miserable Middle

2 Mar

If God only used sinless people, every one of us would have to sit on the sidelines… The reality, however, is we don’t become strong enough for God to use. Instead, we must become weak enough. We may think we need to dedicate our abilities to God, asking Him to help us to use them for His glory. While this sounds admirable, it is actually the surest way to experience continual defeat…

God had plans for Moses in the wilderness. The first 40 years of his life had been majestic. The last 40 years would be miraculous as he led the people out of Egypt. However, these middle 40 years were going to be miserable. God was bringing Moses to the end of himself…

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 31,37

Just Like Jesus!

27 Feb

Some may argue that it isn’t we who are righteous, but rather it is only Jesus within us who is righteous. That is a mistake. We have been made righteous by the presence of His life within us. We have a brand new nature – a righteous one!… He created a brand new person – one like Jesus!

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 52

Can But Don’t Want To

20 Feb

Living under grace means that we can sin if we so choose. We are free to make foolish choices. ‘Is he saying that since grace covers all sins, I can go out and sin if that’s what I want to do?’ Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying… Yes, you can sin. However, when you understand your identity in Christ, you don’t want to sin.

Steve McVey

Grace Walk, Harvest House 1995, 127-8

Failings of the Flesh

14 Feb

The nature of the flesh is to be in control. Its default setting is to do our best to work things out the way we believe will lead to the best possible outcome. The problem is, with our finite, human insight, we have limited vision. Consequently, our efforts to control a situation are an attempt to perfectly manage something we can’t possibly perfectly understand.

Steve McVey

Walking in the Will of God, Harvest House 2009, 73

Not What We Do For Him

2 Feb

God’s purpose is not that we should rededicate our self with all its abilities, but that we should give up all hope in self. We sometimes try to live for Him when He wants to live His life through us… He isn’t interested in what we can do for Him. Christ is interested in living His life through us.

Steve McVey

Grace Walk, Harvest House 1995, 37

The Place for Confession

7 Dec

Is there a place for confession in the Christian’s life? Yes, if confession means acknowledging the foolishness of disobedience to the Father and then praising Him that we are already forgiven and accepted by Him. We don’t need to beg for forgiveness. The Father relates to us from a forgiving heart because He loves us unconditionally. Do you feel unaccepted by God? If so, your feelings are telling you a lie!

Steve McVey

Grace Walk, Harvest House 1995, 125